Alligator Homeroom Week of 11/27-12/1

We have been busy here at Woodson Branch as we constantly try to improve/streamline your child's educational experience. We have implemented some great programs to reinforce positive behavior and self awareness. We have our weekly responsibilities board as well as a currency system that earns "Branch Bucks" towards prizes and special privileges such as the "Whale Cafe." This applies to all aspects of the day including transition, class time and independent study. Please ask your son or daughter how this new program has impacted the school day!

On Friday the 8th of December we will have our last financial management class relating to the barter/trade system. This will be considered a holiday bazaar and students are encouraged to bring goods and/or services for trade.

December 15th will be our holiday homeroom gift exchange which will only be with students from the Alligator homeroom. I am sending home a letter with a brief description of the event and names of all the students in my homeroom.

We only have two weeks left before Christmas break and they are going to be packed!